Hi, I'm Iris. After two successful startups, I'm busy growing Oribi, a startup I founded and am CEO of, Backed by top VCs - Sequoia and TLV partners.

Have you ever noticed that while every startup thinks it's disruptive, they all look and behave the same?

The goal of this blog is to rethink culture, marketing, product and HR. It's time to face the fact that some of the things we've been doing for years just don't work.

Five internal tools that save us hours each day. And what does it have to do with work-life balance.


Here are two important principles in managing a startup company:

  • Building a high-quality product with value in the shortest time possible, in order to bring it to the market ASAP.
  • Prioritizing the use of existing tools rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.

These two principles seem to contradict our decision at Oribi to develop quite a few internal tools.

So why did we decide to invest in developing tools that are not an integral part of our main product?

One topic I plan to address extensively in this blog is the work-life balance. I believe that startups which part of their culture is to work into the night on a daily basis,

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Products have feelings too

Building a great product relies on two fundamental principles. The first one is analytical: measuring any significant action in detail and thoroughly understanding what users do (or don’t). The analytical aspect must be balanced by an equal degree of an emotional aspect: how to make users relate to your product and love it, how to get them excited and even laugh.

In the case of most ‘real world’ products, unlike programs and applications, this was already understood decades ago. Take cars for example. On the one hand, they should obviously function mechanically and drive well, but it is equally important for a car to have an emotional effect,

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