Iris Shoor,

Serial entrepreneur. I co-founded VisualTao (backed by Sequoia and acquired by Autodesk in 2009) and Takipi (now OverOps). In 2016, I founded my third startup, Oribi. I’m passionate about simple products, creative marketing, great UX, building a unique culture and most of all—people.


Fun facts

  • I think better without shoes. If you see me at the office wearing socks during important meetings, now you know why.
  • I got married dressed as Wonder woman while my husband was dressed as Batman.
  • I love traveling. My favorite place is Bali.
  • I started a degree in computer science during high school and quit. I studied architecture and almost graduated. In hindsight, the only degree I probably would have enjoyed is economics.
  • I love building and managing companies. I'm very grateful I've found my destination.
  • 2016

    Founded Oribi, We’re fighting against the unfair advantage of large companies.

    We’re building Analytics for Everyone, enabling all companies to understand what drives their business without relying on developers and analysts. You can try it out here

    backed by Sequoia and TLV partners.

  • 2012

    I took a big step away from the design world to DevOps and co-founded Takipi (today OverOps). Takipi develops a dynamic code analysis technology.

    The company raised over $50M, and the product is used by hundreds of software companies.

    Selling to developers and DevOps was a fascinating challenge. It led me to develop a unique illustrated brand and master content marketing like never before, building a professional blog with over 100K readers/month.

  • 2006

    At VisualTao we brought, for the first time, design files to the web and mobile. I managed the product and marketing. This was where I fell in love with marketing and learned how creative it can be

    2009 We were backed by Sequoia and then acquired by Autodesk. The product reached over 10M users, and today, over 100 people still develop the app.

  • I studied architecture. It was my childhood dream. When I was just about to graduate, I decided this is not what I want to do with my life. That’s when I started my first company.